Hiwee’s – Oiki’s Hub (The HUB)

Hiwee’s – Oiki’s Hub (The HUB)

The HUB has been created to ease joining the new movement where business and entertainment intersect to build the foundations and structure for the industry across Nigeria and Africa. 

Everyone (individuals and groups inclusive) is to abide by these terms in usage of the website as they will serve as a lasting guide to being a BIZ-A-TAINMENT professional. 

The HUB is a congregation of like and unlike-minded people looking to develop the industry to its greatest potentials. However, to achieve this, every member of the industry is encouraged with the help of Hiwee’s sensitisation efforts. As we expand, we aim to reach more industry members to create enabling structures for value enhancement and wealth creation capabilities.

By registration, it means a user can join Oiki’s Hub for free by registering here (add a link here)on our www.hiwees.com/oikishub and accepting our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions create opportunities for members of the industry to learn ways of putting together necessary agreements and financial systems that would help secure their contracts and rewards when providing services within the sector. 



Our Terms and Conditions (TC) provides the guidelines for partnering with Oiki’s Hub. It guides the various areas of activities for the entertainment industry;

  1. Film/Stage (Actors/Actresses, Acting Extras, Technical Assistance, Directors, Producers, Camera Men etc.)
  2. Music (Singers, Session Men, Sound Engineers etc.)
  3. Ancillary services (Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers, Valuer etc.), towards creating an enabling environment for the continued growth of the entertainment sector.

You can read more on our TC here 

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