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Hiwees HUB (“The HUB”) is the platform that has been created to ensure ease of joining the new movement where business and entertainment will collide as part of building the foundations and structures for a sustainable industry across the continent. The HUB is based on our three fundamentals which we call RTC – Registration, Terms and Conditions.


To build lasting structures towards business sustainability, everyone (individuals and Groups) must live by these fundamentals as the guiding principles to being a BIZ-A-TAINMENT professional. Professionalism is not meant for only those in the Legal, Accounting, Engineering and Medical professions, professionalism speaks to competence, know-how and most importantly expertise. 


It is important to note that Hiwees HUB is not planned to be an association but a congregation of like and unlike-minded people who want to develop the industry to its greatest potentials. To achieve this, however, every member of the industry must be encouraged and Hiwees intends to sensitize in as much as it lies in its power, as many industry members as possible. As we grow, we hope to be able to reach more and more industry members to participate in creating enabling structures for value enhancement and invariably wealth creation capabilities.


Our Registration simply means joining Hiwees HUB for free by registering on our platform and accepting our simple terms and conditions for professionalism and value-creating services.


Our Terms are simply the Dos and Don’ts of the HUB towards creating an enabling outlet for talents to showcase their capabilities to the industry.


Our Conditions are the rules and regulations that guide our community towards ensuring that we meet our commitments to each other and outsiders as true professionals of the industry.

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